Curative Connections “Wrap Around”  
  If you would like information about in-home supportive care services or have questions about existing services you are receiving, please contact Leia Malone, Director of Home and Community Services at 920-593-3514
WICHP Luncheons
  Our program provides a monthly luncheon with guest speakers addressing a variety of topics including community news, health insurance expertise and wellness information. An end of the school year picnic is a community intergenerational event.
Community Van
  For information, please contact the Van Coordinator at (920) 535-0444. Van trips require a minimum of 24 hours in advance notice for off Island trips. The van is no longer on a set schedule and goes when there is a need.
Food Pantry/24-hour Availability
  USDA Commodity Food Distribution takes place on the 1st Monday of each month from 1:00pm - 3:00pm in the Trinity Lutheran Church basement.Call WICHP at (920) 847-2108 for details.For emergent/urgent need of food, there is 24-hour availability on the shelves outside the basement pantry door. Please call (920) 535-3035 or (920) 750-9265
Blood Pressure Screenings
  Blood pressure checks are available monthly at both Bethel and Trinity churches befor or after Sunday services. In addition, we offer screenings two Tuesdays per month in the WICHP office as well as at community events. Other screenings are scheduled as needed.
Resource Library
  Our resource library contains books and videos/DVDs, information on Alzheimers, Parkinsons Disease, cancers, aging, Diabetes, caregiving, self care, and grief. Supportive information for caregivers is available, as well as brochures/pamphlets on health and wellness issues. Items are available at the WICHP office.
Caregiver Support Group
  If you are a caregiver or have questions about the group, please call the WICHP office at (920) 847-2108 for information regarding this support group. Meetings are on the first Friday of every month from 10:00am to 11:30am in the WICHP office located in the Fellowship Hall at Trinity Lutheran Church.
 Senior Meal Site & Meals on Wheels
  The Door County ADRC Senior Lunch Program provides a nutrition program at the Washington Island Community Center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each month. To be eligible for the nutrition program on a donation basis (suggested $5 per meal), a person must be aged 60 or older, or have a spouse who attends the dining site who is 60 or older.
  Volunteer drivers deliver to those residents who qualify as homebound or those who are caring for a homebound family member.
  For information, please call the WICHP office at (920) 847-2108, Roxanne Boren (920) 847-2548 or Nelvie Cauldwell at (920) 847-2270
  This service is available to all Island residents. It provides support and guidance that assist in the evaluation and selection of appropriate health and supportive living services. It also can include attending medical appointments, coordinating referrals, speaking with medical healthcare professionals on behalf of a client (with client approval), attending patient care conferences to support smooth transitions from hospital/rehab to home, and can help review/advise clients on medical bills and insurance documents.
Life Assist
  This is a personal response system that links clients to 24 hour assistance with the push of a button. It allows clients to move freely around their home or yard with confidence of knowing if they need help, the LifeAssist will call for it. This service is in conjunction with Door County Medical Center.
  If you would like information about 24 hour in-home monitoring services or have questions/problems with existing services, please call the WICHP office at (920) 847-2108 or Sandy Sievert, LifeDirect Coordinator in Sturgeon Bay at (920) 746-3578 (office)
Medical Travel Fund
  This fund helps divert the costs of traveling back and forth on the ferry for cancer treatments and physician ordered therapies (ie-physical, occupational, speech/ language, cardiac and/ or pulmonary rehab and kidney dialysis). Applications are located in the WICHP office. Please complete, have them signed by your doctor or therapist, attach the requested documentation of treatment days, and submit to the WICHP office.
  If you have questions, please contact the WICHP office at (920) 847-2108
Neighbor to Neighbor Medical Equipment Loans
  We Provide short-term loans on walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, canes, crutches, bath benches, hospital beds, lift chairs, disposable medical pads and briefs, and other misc. equipment. Call the WICHP office at (920) 847-2108 if you have any needs.
Peer Companion Program
  Peer companions offer companionship to older or disabled adults who are lonely or isolated. Volunteers make home or telephone visitation and offer a willing ear and a caring heart. Respite care offers trained volunteers to stay with loved ones, allowing a break for the caregiver. A bridge between professional and family support (no nursing care is provided).
  For more information, please contact Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer caregivers at (920) 743-7800 or follow the link in the heading.
Door CANcer
  If you need assistance for cancer related costs (ie. hotel, gas, transportation, and other expenses related to cancer treatment) please contact Door CANcer at P.O. Box 423 Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. All requests must be made in writing. Applications are available in the WICHP office.
  If you have questions, please call WICHP at (920) 847-2108 or Door CANcer at (920) 743-8492
  Door-tran is your doorway to mobility. Connecting people with affordable, available, and accessible transportation. This is done by providing:
  • Transportation information and referals
  • Half-Price travel and gas vouchers
  • Volunteer transportation program
  • Vehicle repair/purchase loans
  Some of these programs have eligibility requirements. If you have a transportation need or question, please call and ask for Nikki or Kim at (920) 743-9999 or (877) 330-6333
  Foot Care/Fluoride Clinics
  WICHP partners with the NWTC Nursing Program to provide routine foot care which includes a foot soak, basic toe nail trim, an lotion/foot massages. While here, the nursing students also provide free adult and children's fluoride varnish clinics. This preventive treatment reduces the incidents of tooth decay.
Nursing Students Rural Health Program