Geraldine Veneman on Behavioral Health from November 17th, 2022

      Geraldine Veneman has extensive experience in the Behavioral Health field with a variety of Behavioral Health Disorders. She now has an office on the Island and does house calls as well.

      Isolation, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Life Transitions are areas that Geraldine is well versed in and has been able to successfully help people cope with. She works with a diverse population including the Elderly, Children, Teens, Adults, Families, and Couples. Geraldine will address Seasonal Affective Disorder (Feeling blue in the winter), Grief and Life Transitions as we age, including isolation and loss of abilities, independence and role reversal.

     Geraldine is originally from the Netherlands and fell in love with the island because of its cultural similarities and beautiful nature. She enjoys long walks on the beach, reading, swimming, and good conversation. She is on the Island every other week and can work with Medicaid, Medicare and other insurance. For mental health counselling appointments, you can contact Geraldine at 1-608-219-2949 and/or

Geraldine's Written Notes
Kate Hopkins on Hearing and Cognition from February 16th, 2023

      A Graduate of the University of Illinois with a Master's degree from Northern Illinois University, Kate is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a proud member of HLAA. With 27 years of experience in providing hearing care for seniors residing in life care communities, Hopkins has become adept at assessing individualized needs. from communication coaching to cerumen management, balance assessment, amplification, tinnitus management and hearing protection, Hopkins will assist you on your 'listening' journey.

     As a proponent of fair, reliable and effective ear care for people, she has been published in The Journal of the American Academy of Audiology for her work in life-care retirement communities. Licensed in both Wisconsin & Illinois, Kate currently provides audiology services on Washington Island while maintaining two accounts in Illinois and has plans to begin work 1-2 days per week in Sister Bay in the Spring.

Kate's PowerPoint
Calvin Richtig on Options for Independent Living from March 16th, 2023

      Options for Independent Living is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed. to empowering people with disabilities to lead independent and productive lives in their community through advocacy, providing information, education, technology, and related services.

      In addition to providing five (5) core services (Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Information and Referral, Peer Support, and Transitions), Options developed additional services to meet the needs of people with disabilities and older adults to empower them to become independent in their communities.

Milly Gonzales and Sophie Sielen on Abuse & Assault from May 18th, 2023 Josh Mann on Exercise for Seniors from September 21st, 2023

      Josh was born and raised on Washington Island. He attended Lakeland University in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where he studied exercise science and played division 3 soccer. After graduation, Josh moved to bend, Oregon to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. He worked for a fitness studio and an assisted living facility as a wellness coach. He also supervised the Memory Matters Program for adults with memory disease at the Intergenerational Center in Plymouth, WI. Josh recently moved back to the Island to buy a house and start the next chapter in his life.

      Josh will present about exercise for seniors and the benefits of exercise for people with dementia. We hope you can join us for this informative program on Thursday September 21st.

Kim Gilson on Door-Tran from October 12th, 2023

      Kim is the Volunteer Coordinator for Door-Tran and has ben in this role the past 9 years. Her job is to match people who need a ride with those who can give it. At Door-Tran, they work to get people where they need to go by helping with "Affordable, Available and Accessible transportation options."

      Kim will share about transportation resources in the County and on the Island.

      We hope you can join us for this informative program on Thursday, October 12th

Unfortunatly, there is no video available as the recording cut out part way through. Kim, however, was still able to provide her presentation for anyone that wants to review it.

Kim's PowerPoint
Caroline Reiter on Diabetes & Eye Health from November 16th, 2023

      JDr. Reiter practices comprehensive eye care for all ages. She enjoys co-managing ophthalmic surgery cases and is experienced in pre and post refractive surgery care. She also specializes in the treatment and management of ocular disease as well as specialty contact lenses for keratoconus and myopia management. She has a special interest in nutrition and eye health.

      Dr. Reiter will be presenting about Diabetes and Eye Health as November is Diabetes awareness month.

      We hope you can join us for this informative program on Thursday, November 16th.